Cher Lloyd & Nathan Sykes.

Requested by lovinglloyd. 

"make an Cher and Nathan Sykes edit please ?(:"

Yes :) <3

cher lloyd icons~  

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"Can you do some personal pictures of Cher? Maybe some before she got famous or one's during the X Factor? I dunno, I just love her personal pictures."

Okay of course! :D 

Favorite Candids of 2010 

Requested by flawlesscher.

"Could you do a photoset of your favorite 2010 candids? <3"

Yup! Starting now :)

icons requested by anonymous  

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Anonymous said:

"could you make cher lloyd icons but half with a cat ears and whiskers?"


sidebar gif requests for queencherx 

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"Could you make me a sidebar gif? I'll send you pictures to edit also if you'd like? :)"

Of course! Do you want a specific video? Also, pictures are always welcome love. :D